2020 Board of Directors Elections

The Board of Directors of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council invites MACC members to elect candidates to serve on the 2020 MACC Board of Directors. The election period will be open Thursday, December 7 – Friday, December 13, 2019 at 4:00 pm. New board members will be announced Wednesday, January 15th at the 2020 MACC Annual Public Reception at Minnetrista.

Current members will be notified by email with information on the board-recommended slate of nominees and access to voting. If you are not yet a MACC member and would like to participate in the election process, learn more about membership and become a MACC member today! Through Wednesday, December 11th, each new member will be notified by email with information on the board-recommended slate of nominees and access to voting.

Recommended Slate:

Carolyn Walker Hitchens

Carolyn Walker Hitchens is an Associate Professor of Elementary Education at Ball State University. She has national committee service and editorial review board experience. She received her Ph.D. C&I from Purdue University- Specialty Area: Literacy in 1994, her M.A. Elementary Education from Ball State University in 1988, and her B.A. Elementary Education from Ball State University in 1985.

She cites her experiences as a teacher as having shown her “the positive impact the arts can have on children and teenagers. They often blossom through musical, visual, and theatrical experiences. Adults also benefit from experiences with the arts, and we know that the arts help us process experiences as well as provide an enjoyable aesthetic experience.”

Zachary Poor

Zachary Poor is a passionate creative with a heart for Muncie. A graphic designer at Intersection—a local full-service advertising agency—he creates works in a variety of mediums. An inquisitive interest in the intersection of digital and analog creative expression informs his work in design, film photography, printmaking, hand lettering, drawing, and more.

Zachary has spent his whole life in East Central Indiana, graduating from Ball State University and Shenandoah High School. He loves being active in the local arts scene and advocating for our city, often rounding up a group of friends to experience First Thursday events and sharing Muncie fun facts along the way.

“I am excited about the power of the arts—and MACC as a force in our city—to create unity and a foundation for growth and prosperity in our community. Especially since the implementation of PlySpace, MACC has been on the leading edge of improving quality of place and making Muncie a more inclusive city for all. I am enthusiastic about the idea of participating in this transformation with a hands-on approach.”

Courtney Thomas

Courtney Thomas is a Public Relations and Marketing professional at IU Health Ball, Blackford & Jay and a freelance event photographer. She currently serves as Delaware County Representative for ECI Tourism and Lifestyle Workgroup and on the Board of Directors for Muncie Symphony Orchestra.

“Early in my life as a young professional, I became a devoted ArtsWalk and YART attendee after experiencing the energy, warmth and talent at each event. Then, my friends and I started trying out typesetting workshops after hours at Book Arts Collaborative, proudly decorating our homes and offices with our latest creations. Later, a friend and I attended That One Film Festival and checked out PlySpace for the first time. I was excited to see something so new and exciting in our already vibrant arts scene. Most recently, my passions for strategy, relationship building, the Muncie community, and supporting local arts intersected when I joined the Muncie Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors. I’ve been on the board for almost two years, and I’m loving every minute of it.”