Andrew Schultz to Design & Fabricate Mayor’s Arts Award

In May of this year, MACC issued an RFP for local artists to create the 2015 Mayor’s Arts Award. Historically, awards for these types of honors are actual pieces of art rather than trophies or plaques. It was decided that in this, our inaugural year, the award must contain an element of glass, in honor of Muncie’s glass heritage.

MAA Glass Award

Detail of the Mayor’s Art Award

Our committee selected artist Andrew Schultz to create our awards. Andrew is an MFA student at Ball State University, studying at The Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Andrew’s work has been exhibited widely at shows and galleries in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Arizona and Indiana. It will now be exhibited at the Mayor’s Arts Awards on September 30th!

The award piece is a decorative, 6-layered, hand blown and sand blasted vase of vibrant colors. Each award is slightly unique. The process begins by layering multiple levels of color before then hand blowing these vessels. Once the glass is at room temperature the surface is able to be sandblasted in order to expose the levels of color. No stencils are used, but rather freehand eroding of the surface so that each vessel has its own unique characteristics. Each vessel depicts a fictitious body of water that only the mind can explore.