We celebrate and support arts & culture in Muncie, Indiana.

The Muncie Arts and Culture Council is the designated Arts Partner for the City of Muncie. As Arts Partner, we assist with municipal initiatives where art integration can benefit Economic Development and Quality of Place. As an arts alliance, we build community among artists and arts organizations and serve as a resource for professional growth and opportunity.

Public Art Bike Tour led by Director Braydee Euliss as part of the 2018 Cardinal Greenway Bike Fest activities.

Currently Searching for our next Executive Director
Erin Williams, PlySpace Residency Coordinator

Board of Directors
Betty Brewer, President
Rick Zeigler, Vice President
Maura Jasper, Secretary
Suzanne Small, Treasurer
Rachel Buckmaster
Cheryl Crowder
Moth Danner
Jason Delk
Dave Franklin
Heidi Hale
Michelle Kinsey
Audra Koontz
Douglas White