Box! Box!

A Public Art Project for Muncie’s Traffic Control Boxes

Across the United States, communities are using traffic signal control boxes to develop attractive, vibrant places that reflect the culture of the area and engage the community with the public environment. Muncie Arts & Culture Council has partnered with the City of Muncie and Mayor Dennis Tyler to bring this exciting and popular movement to our fair city with Box! Box! It is our hope that we can encourage bold designs and promote community engagement with a streamlined process that artists and groups can easily navigate from application to completion.

We are looking for eye-catching, exciting, and unique designs to make this project successful! MACC will provide a modest artist and supply stipend and complete both the priming and final anti-graffiti clear coat for each of the completed project locations. Designs approved during the 2018 and 2019 season will be painted this summer, and we hope to festoon 24 boxes throughout the city with amazing art by local artists!

View the Box! Box! Call for Participation

View the Box! Box! Application Form

View the Box! Box! Small Design Template

View the Box! Box! Large Design Template

Identify box locations that qualify for this program using the Box! Box! Interactive Map


    • Participation is open to all artists residing in Delaware County, Indiana that are at least 18 years of age. Student groups may apply with a sponsor that meets the age requirement of eligibility.
    • All entries must be the original design and artwork of the entrant and must be suitable for viewing by all ages. Artists will be required to certify that all work submitted is original and developed by the submitting artist.
    • The scope of this project is limited to two-dimensional works and NO three-dimensional concepts will be considered.
    • Entries must not defame or invade the rights of any person, living or deceased.
    • Entries must be appropriate for all ages.
    • Offensive and/or commercial advertisements are strictly prohibited.

Application Requirements

Submission must contain:

    • Signed and completed application form. Application Form PFD
    • Design template with a rendering of the proposal.
    • A Project Statement (500 words maximum) that describes why the artist is interested in painting a traffic signal controller box and how the artist believes the art will beautify the surrounding area.
    • An Artist Statement or biography with previous experience.
    • Three examples of previous, related work.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Application materials will not be returned.  

Artist Selection Process

Box! Box! applications for Summer 2019 will be accepted on a rolling basis Friday, July 26th at 4:00 PM. The selection committee includes MACC board members and neighborhood representatives when appropriate. Applications will be evaluated on the following selection criteria:

    • Originality
    • Composition
    • Artistic Merit
    • Artist’s Experience
    • Artwork that attracts attention from a distance


Traffic boxes in twelve locations will be painted during the 2019 season of Box! Box! Applicants are encouraged to consider locations relevant to them – near where they live, where they work, or where they play!

The Delaware County Office of Geographic Information created the Box! Box! Interactive Map to assist applicants with locating traffic control boxes that qualify for the program. City-owned boxes are the only eligible boxes for this program – they are coded in orange. Avoid falling in love with any of the red INDOT locations – those are not qualifying locations. And the large green dots indicate the six Priority Locations identified during the 2018 season. One priority location is still available in Heekin Park at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Hackley Street. The interactive map will help you determine whether a box near you is available!

Site Specifications

A design template sample for each type of control box is provided to assist in the visualization of the proposal.  A design template must be submitted as part of the full application.

We encourage artists to visit their desired locations to assess the spatial and environmental needs specific to each individual traffic box. Take note of parking, distance to restroom facilities, and any environmental conditions like sun/shade that might present a challenge.  

Project Timeline

    • Artist notifications will be sent via email within two weeks of the application submission.
    • A contract will be required for all selected projects.
    • Artists painting small boxes will receive $175 stipend for participation. Artists painting large boxes will receive a $250 stipend for participation. Stipends are paid upon completion of the selected proposal.
    • Artists will also receive a supply stipend of $100 for large boxes and $75 for small boxes via a gift certificate for paint and other necessary supplies available at Art Mart. This stipend can only be used for the approved materials. Any surplus of the stipend will go back into the project.
    • Locations must be ready for final anti-graffiti top-coat by within one month following approval of application. The Summer 2019 season deadline for completion of all projects is October 30th.

Worksite Specifications and Safety Procedures

Each artist will be given instructions to maximize safety for themselves and the general public while painting on-site. It is the responsibility of the artist that they comply with recommended safety protocols.

Health and Safety Requirements

MACC will provide:

    • Pedestrian signs
    • Safety vests (must be worn at all times when on-site) 
    • Safety cones 

Safety while on-site:

    • The artist is NOT, under any circumstances, allowed to stand in the gutter or roadway while engaged in this project.
    • Do not block sidewalks, crosswalks or traffic lanes while painting your signal box.
    • Use traffic cones and/or caution tape to block off your working area.

On-site requirements:

    • Cover the space surrounding your work area with a drop cloth.
    • Use a protective face mask to screen out fumes and consider using eye protection as well.
    • Use low-tack masking tape to mask off areas that must remain unpainted.
    • Do not block or cover vents, keyholes, or light sensors. These are necessary to make the signal control box work as intended.
    • If using aerosol techniques, do not direct paint upward around the vent area. Avoid paint entering the box and damaging the sensitive electronics used to control the traffic signals.
    • Allow paint to dry thoroughly between coats or layers unless you are blending wet-on-wet as an effect.
    • Clean up spills while paint is still wet and easy to remove. This will save power-washing of spilled paint after it has dried. Artists are liable for any citations from the City.
    • Do not dump excess paint, paint residue or paint-water into the city sewer system or into the grass or soil around the box. Remove your paint waste and dispose of properly. For more information, visit or contact East Central Recycling by phone at 765-282-1900
    • We encourage participants to donate any left-over paint and supplies back to MACC to help reduce costs for the next group of participants.