PlySpace Residence

PlySpace Artist Residency: Spring 2018 News and Events

PlySpace is a new artist-in-residence program based in the Emily Kimbrough Historic District in downtown Muncie, Indiana and produced by Muncie Arts and Culture Council. The program is dedicated to offering visual artists, writers, and other creative individuals time and space to investigate and pursue their own practices while also serving as a platform for experimentation and provocation by facilitating collaboration with various Muncie communities. In early April, PlySpace welcomed its first three residents Melissa Joy Livermore, Danielle Joy Graves, and Nick Witten for a short Spring residency term and is pleased to announce the resulting Community Collaborator projects.

Melissa Joy Livermore + Muncie Symphony Orchestra
4 by 4 at 4: Chamber Concert Performance

Deconstruction ProjectResident artist Melissa Joy Livermore uses a multidisciplinary approach to explore the intersections of language and technology and their impact on communication and the concept of self. She holds a BFA in Photography from The School of Art at Ball State University and has just returned to Indiana from a year-long residency with Transform Creative in Paris, France. While in residence at PlySpace, Melissa will conduct research for her personal work. She will also collaborate with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra and their Chamber Concert series for 4 by 4 at 4, a special performance of her ongoing project titled Deconstruction alongside a string quartet. Four genres of music, from Baroque to Cole Porter, by four strings musicians will be performed in the PlySpace Gallery. During the concert, the audience is invited to participate in her interactive performance, Deconstruction, where groups of people engage in the act of taking apart a piece of untreated canvas, thread by thread. The process is intuitive and allows the participants to focus their attention on the present moment, engaging with those around them, or in this case, the music. Each pulled thread serves as documentation of time carved out for introspection, intentional conversation, and listening. The act encourages participants to slow down and observe the beauty of the falling thread and the environment around them. Over the last three years, Melissa has performed Deconstruction with groups in China, France, and the United States.

4 by 4 at 4 will be held in the PlySpace Gallery on Sunday, April 22nd at 4 PM. Order tickets online or in person. Tickets for the event are available at the MSO Office and online at Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door for youth and student tickets; and $20 in advance or $25 at door for adult tickets. Please contact the Muncie Symphony Orchestra at 765-285-5531 for more information.

Nick Witten + Danielle Joy Graves
Professional Art Practice Pancake Extravaganza

Resident artists Danielle Joy Graves and Nick Witten are Indianapolis-based artists, collaborative partners, and co-curators of Sugar Space Gallery, a contemporary art gallery focused on emerging artists. Nick holds an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in Sculpture from Herron School of Art and Design. He is an Adjunct Instructor at Herron and works with Big Car Collaborative, an arts space in Indianapolis. Danielle holds a BFA in Illustration from Herron School of Art and Design and works as a professional artist. They work collaboratively with themes of character appropriation, branding, and other elements from pop culture and entertainment. Their time spent with PlySpace will result in the exhibition of new work at Kime Contemporary located on Indianapolis’ east side. They will also collaborate directly with Muncie Arts and Culture Council to conduct a professional practice workshop and pancake breakfast for young artists.

Professional Art Practice Pancake Extravaganza welcomes high school or foundation-level college student artists aged 15 – 20 years old for a free Saturday workshop on professional practice for artists and contemporary art issues. The schedule includes workshop and seminar sessions on how to build an arts resume, how to install and photograph work in a gallery, what types of occupations exist in the arts, as well as a “who’s who” presentation on contemporary art. Professional Art Practice Pancake Extravaganza will be held at PlySpace on Saturday, April 28th from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. Registration is required. Complete schedule and registration details are available at

The PlySpace Gallery is located in the new home of Muncie Arts and Culture Council at 608 E Main St. Muncie, IN. Parking is available in the lot immediately adjacent to the building. Please enter through the parking lot door. Questions or comments about the PlySpace Residency program and Community Collaborations can be directed to Program Coordinator, Erin Williams at For additional information about the Spring 2018 term residents and related events, please visit our website at For more information about Muncie Arts and Culture Council and its other programs, please visit

PlySpace is a program of Muncie Arts and Culture Council in partnership with the City of Muncie, Ball State University School of Art, and Sustainable Muncie Corporation. PlySpace is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.